House Rules

The site has a set of rules so that people know what to expect.

Posting rules

  1. Contributors will add short articles on either topical science, historical science or any pertinent scientific topic. These can include, book reviews, paper discussions, presenting concepts etc.
  2. Please ensure that you check your post for grammar and spelling. We are trying to communicate science, therefore it needs to be professional and clear.
  3. Once posted, you have the opportunity to edit your post in response to comments, so make use of that feature to see how feedback can benefit you.
  4. I encourage you to continue to add short articles, I will always check when new articles are posted and offer feedback.
  5. Images: Please ensure that you have permission to place images on the site. Many sources such as Wiki commons, or any other free image site allow you to use images on web pages as long as you acknowledge the source of the images. Please use the image description form to do that.
  6. Plagiarism: This is not acceptable at any costs. All work published on this site must be your own and I will check all articles using plagiarism software.

Commenting rules

  1. Only registered users can directly comment on articles.
  2. No derogatory comments or bad language will be tolerated. Comments will be removed and potential disciplinary action taken.
  3. All comments must be constructive, think about how feedback will be perceived and avoid overly negative comments.
  4. External visitors, and other comments can be directed to Andrew Davies using the comment form on the site.

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