Beginning the module survey

This is a questionnaire designed to assess how you feel about information technology and communication through the internet. There are two reasons for me asking you to complete this survey; 1) I want to know how you feel using IT, and how comfortable you are communicating to potentially an audience of millions and 2) so I can improve the module for the future.

You will be asked to answer two surveys. Both are anonymous, so I do not know who answered what. The first survey will be undertaken before we start doing work on the OSX-1000 module, and the second will be at the end of the module.

What the data will be used for?

The data will be used to improve future sessions as part of Dr Davies’ OSX-1000 module, and will also be presented as part of his Teaching in Higher Education certificate. As part of Dr Davies’ development he is doing a postgraduate teaching course.

Anonymous responses..

All responses are anonymous. You do not have to take this questionnaire if you do not want to. Also, you do not have to answer all questions in the questionnaire.

Thank you for reading and now take the survey below

At the end of each question, there is a text box if you want to leave a longer comment.